goPRS Enterprise

goPRS Enterprise is designed for government systems that require mandatory prior review and approval of all contracts being above of a certain threshold established by a centralized oversight authority.

goPRS Enterprise, used by central authorities, enhances the ability of an oversight authority to monitor individual procurements and review specific contract awards which fall above prior review thresholds. goPRS Enterprise increases the efficiency of the procurement process in terms of both time and money and ensures that each procurement action follows the principles of accountability, fairness, transparency, and equality.

goPRS Enterprise applies workflow logic to standardize the processes and tasks within the regulatory body. goPRS Enterprise automates task assignment for all processes and track progress. It would act also as an additional security layer to ensure that all staff that have access to the approval of certain tasks are the ones performing them. This will generate internal efficiencies and performance statistics that will help the regulatory body to objectively measure parameters such as the duration for approving a request through the request life cycle.

goPRS Enterprise integrates various useful tools. For example, goPRS Enterprise contains a commodity pricing register that creates a nationwide online catalogue with standard pricing. Procurement officials compare the catalogue prices against the prices submitted by bidders to determine their fairness and reasonableness.

Through goPRS Enterprise, service providers are registered and included in a vendor database which is available online to procurement officials conducting due diligence inspection of bidders. The commodity pricing catalogue, vendor database, MDAs database, and projects database are integrated into goPRS Enterprise and feed into the statistical analysis to show levels of due process compliance of procuring entities.