Features distribution between Procurement Review Agency and the MDAs

goPRS supports the implementation of Public Procurement reform by providing tools that allow the timely and accurate exchange of information between procuring entities and centralized oversight authorities at critical stages of the procurement process.  goPRS enables effective oversight by tracking plan and budget implementation, legal and regulatory compliance, procedural due process conformity, and the proper exercise of delegated authority.  The ability of goPRS to collect and organize data from individual procurements into an accessible nationwide database provides decision makers with the means to understand and analyze spending patterns, pinpoint the source of losses both in time and money, and increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of procurement expenditures as well as the successful completion of projects and delivery of services.   The capacity of goPRS to identify suspicious actions and patterns of behavior is a powerful tool in the effort to detect and prevent fraud and corruption in government procurement.

In addition, goPRS is a tool that helps to meet challenges faced by procurement officials in planning and budgeting for the acquisition of goods, services and works and determining best value for the public money.

In this configuration, all parties in a procurement action share some common tools as depicted below. Those tools are critical elements to address the 10 challenges for implementing PP reform.