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By converging sensing devices and IT technology, Field Remote Infrastructure Management (FRIM) empowers field missions to better understand and optimize their consumption of resources--particularly at locations where fuel, energy and water are scarce.



Unite Ideas

Unite Ideas is a crowdsourcing platform for Member States, accredited NGOs, and other UN entities to launch technology challenges aimed at developing innovative solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.



Digital Blue Helmets

The Digital Blue Helmets is an elite team of specialists tasked with analysing cyber threats—particularly looking at the Dark Web and industrial cybersecurity—and protecting against cyber intrusion.


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Our goal is to make the world a better place. We work together to innovate and build solutions across boundaries and organizations. We focus on what brings significant value to the mission of the United Nations.

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"Information and communications technologies can help us on each and every Sustainable Development Goal".


António Guterres