Protecting the United Nations' data, resources, and reputation is vitally important. As the Organization stores, processes, and shares more and more sensitive information electronically, preventing breaches is paramount.

The Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) was tasked with establishing an information risk management regime and supporting policies for the Secretariat. In 2013, OICT developed an action plan to address the most urgent shortcomings and mitigate specific risks. That action plan is now moving to maintenance mode and OICT continues to proactively implement effective measures to address both short- and long-term information security concerns.

Official Documents

  1. A/68/552 Report of the Secretary-General on “Progress on the implementation of recommendations related to strengthening information and systems security across the Secretariat”
  2. A/RES/68/247 Resolution of the General Assembly; endorsed the implementation of recommendations related to strengthening information and systems security across the Secretariat

To improve the protection of its Information Communications Technology resources, the United Nations encourages the public to assist with its efforts by disclosing vulnerabilities in the United Nations’ publicly accessible information system.