Reboot the Earth


Saving the planet through innovation

Reboot The Earth is a social coding event that brings a diverse group together to improve upon or build technology solutions that address the current climate crisis. Reboot the earth is Co-hosted by Salesforce and the United Nations Secretariat entities" UN Youth Office, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Office of Information and Communications Technology and Digital Public Goods Alliance.

Who should attend? 
Reboot the Earth is committed to hosting diverse and inclusive events. As inheritors of our planet, it is imperative that youth contribute to this important event. We encourage young computer programmers, developers and especially those with an interest in building technology that can advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Winning teams will receive:

  • Paid airfare for representative from the winning team to attend and pitch their solution at the OSPOs for Good symposium (9-10 July 2024 in New York City).
  • $10,000 USD through the #YouthLead Impact Fund to incubate and scale their ideas.
  • Coaching from Salesforce and UN partners to scale their solutions.

This year's focus will be on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event will take place around the globe in May and June 2024. The Reboot the Earth locations and dates are:

  • New York: 1-2 May (Completed)
  • Hyderabad, India: 22-23 May (Completed)
  • Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia: 3-4 June (Completed)  
  • Rabat, Morocco: 6-7 June (Completed)
  • Remote: 21 May to 21 June (Register)


Reboot Accelerator enables innovators to engage with each other and to contribute directly to solving global challenges by developing crowd-sourced solutions.


Reboot Accelerator presents an opportunity for multiple stakeholdersfrom the UN, academia, and the private and public sectorsto collaborate on solutions.


Reboot Accelerator provides a space to share feedback and ideas that lead to knowledge sharing, which will foster innovative solutions.

Past Reboot Challenges

The World Health Organization (WHO), together with UNAIDS and OICT, challenged innovators to use expertise to address one of the urgent health challenges for the next decade: Keeping young people safer.

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Reboot the Ocean was call for solutions leading up to the Ocean Conference (2021) and initiated by OICT, the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Ocean Conference, and the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for the Ocean, in partnership with SAP.

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Reboot the Earth was  a social coding event that brings young computer programmers, scientists and other interested people together under the auspices of the United Nations to improve upon or build a new software programs that addresses the current climate crisis. Reboot the Earth was a joint initiative led by the OICT and the UN Youth Envoy in partnership with SAP.

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Reboot Alumni