About OICT

The United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) enables a better, safer, more sustainable future through innovative technology. We are committed to ensuring colleagues all over the world have every tool necessary to succeed in their respective mandates.

Our vision is:

  • to be solution partners and agents of transformation;
  • to be catalysts for innovative technology solutions for organizational transformation;
  • to ensure solutions are agile, simple, reliable, innovative and secured;
  • to stay client-centric, solution-oriented and business-driven; and
  • to lead the UN through a digital journey to support the core work of the UN.


All Secretariat entities report to Mr. Bernardo Mariano Jr., Chief Information Technology Officer, Assistant Secretary-General, on issues relating to all ICT-related activities, resource management, standards, security, architecture, policies, and guidance. The Office is headquartered in New York City. 


Unite - a global ICT brand

"Unite" is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for a stronger, more effective United Nations. A key component of the strategy is uniting as a global workforce, to deliver enterprise solutions and standards.

We believe that when United Nations personnel are supported by modern tools and processes and collaborating across boundaries -- the whole world benefits.