Emerging Technologies Team

The Office of Information and Communications Technology Emerging Technologies Team (ETT) expedites the adoption of frontier technologies across the United Nations Secretariat.

It leverages emerging technologies to generate greater efficiencies and to enhance the Organization’s ability to respond to an ever-evolving technological landscape, while providing appropriate safeguards through the careful identification and evaluation of adoption-related risks.

ETT supports its clients and partners by providing insights, advice, support, and guidance on emerging technologies across four main services: Strategic Foresight, Advisory, Governance and Concept Delivery.

Our Vision

We aim to expedite the adoption of transformational emerging technologies across the Organization.

Our Mission

To become the core strategic enabler of emerging technology adoption across the UN by providing insight, advice, support, and guidance in an agile way.

Contact us

Email us at etl@un.org.



Our Services


Develop long-term plans for new technology paradigms impacting the work of the UN.


Help clients understand the rapidly evolving emerging technology landscape through in-depth tailored consultations and educational events.


Define and implement policies, processes and methodologies to evaluate, steer and monitor the appropriate use of emerging technologies.


Guide clients in the ideation, selection and procurement of mature emerging technologies.

Our Work