What is goPRS?

Upon member state requests, GoPRS can be custom built upon according to their requirements.

goPRS was originally designed specifically to:

  1. Improve public procurement regulation;
  2. Monitor the procurement approval process;
  3. Minimize exposure to procurement fraud and collusion;
  4. Improve regulatory bodies oversight on budget appropriations, expenditures, and projects completion; and
  5. Manage and publish procurement-related information (retailers database, prices lists, etc.) in order to assist bidders in preparing their best offers and governments in assessing them guided by several considerations including:
  • Value for money ensuring fairness and transparency;
  • Cost benefits analysis;
  • Monitor and measure procurement performance by promoting continuous improvement; and
  • Good governance including policy considerations and integrity principles.


goPRS enables centralized regulatory authorities to oversee and monitor procurement solicitations and contract awards carried out by decentralized ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) to ensure that government expenditures are within approved budget limits, as planned and in accordance with the due process requirements of law. Through the early detection irregularities and suspicious patterns or behaviors, goPRS assists regulatory bodies in the prevention and detection of public procurement corruption.

goPRS Video