Unite FRIM MINUSMA Awareness Workshop

Following the successful implementation of the Field Remote Infrastructure Monitoring (FRIM) (Phase 1) in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) last February, UNGSC’s Unite FRIM team organized an awareness workshop at the request of mission leadership.

The Unite FRIM is an innovative, operational planning and oversight platform that enables UN entities to monitor infrastructure systems.

The workshop, hosted in March, aimed to promote FRIM among MINUSMA users and administrators. It highlighted important aspects of the system, such as the FRIM ecosystem, system installation and configurations, and broader benefits. 

Two on-site sessions were conducted in the Gao and Timbuktu camps, followed by a briefing at the mission’s headquarters in Bamako.

Phase 1 of the implementation project included the installation and configuration of 125 sensors and 1,342 tags (data collection points) in the Gao and Timbuktu camps. The sensors and tags enable MINUSMA to accurately monitor power and water usage, reducing the likelihood of power outages and water shortages. This FRIM implementation enables technicians to better respond to equipment issues and to help all personnel understand how they contribute to a greener community.

The workshop provided field personnel with an overview of the Unite FRIM programme and its roadmap. The workshop also emphasized use cases and benefits of using FRIM. Future implementations in MINUSMA were discussed, including the introduction of the FRIM Ecosystem: a Managerial Dashboard, Data as a Service and Smart Camp. A web and mobile operational dashboard (Facilities, Infrastructure, Monitoring, and Management Solution” (FIMMS) will be implemented.

Participants joined the workshop from various business areas and units, including Environment, Engineering, FTS, Regional Offices, Senior Management, and Contingent-Owned Equipment.

The workshop also included technical sessions targeting specialized teams within the Mission. Sessions included one with technical stakeholders exploring the details of FRIM Installation in terms of devices and connectivity. The first fuel tank level sensors were showcased, and participants were briefed on the challenges encountered during this successful installation.

The UNGSC workshop provided MINUSMA senior management and technicians awareness and knowledge regarding the use of FRIM and its technologies. Allowing them to benefit from FRIM's services in their daily operations.