OICT Emerging Technologies Team Launches a Generative AI Primer

The United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) is developing an AI governance framework and a matrix and guidance note to use generative AI within the UN.

The OICT Emerging Technologies Team (ETT) launched a Generative AI primer that offers a concise introduction to generative AI. The explainer explores contrasting views on the potential benefits of generative AI, highlighting interwoven features at the core of its value proposition: efficiency, personalization, creativity and innovation.

The goal of the primer is to help guide the Organization's overall understanding of the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

As highlighted by the ETT the benefits of generative AI include its potential to enhance rapid information discovery, automate knowledge management and democratize access to education and training.

Interested in learning more about Generative AI?

In an upcoming thought piece, the Emerging Technologies Team (ETT) will further break down this technology’s use cases and purported transformative potential for the UN. Visit the ETT page for information about this publication and other exciting news!