Easy-to-use management dashboards facilitate planning and decision-making

Senior managers should be able to access reliable up-to-date information in one easy-to-use tool to make more informed decisions. To that end, the Department of Management’s Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) has launched over 55 easy-to-use management dashboards on the Unite Analytics platform. The dashboards let senior managers view and compare data, and generate insight into such areas as finance, human resources, and support services—information that is critical for budgeting, forecasting, and benchmarking key performance indicators (KPIs).

The management dashboards can provide fast and reliable answers to key questions in the areas of finance, human resources, procurement, and travel. Following are sample questions for each area. Click to download the relevant sample scenario:

  1. What is the allocated and available budget in my service?  
  2. How much of the 2016/2017 e-performance cycle have we completed thus far? 
  3. How can I determine the main suppliers in a particular duty-station? What is their contract volume? 
  4. Do we have bottlenecks in our air travel pipeline? 

Note: These scenarios use sample data. Because data can be sensitive, access to the management dashboards is restricted. OICT is taking all necessary precautions when assigning security and providing access to this platform.

OICT is committed to leveraging analytics and business intelligence to facilitate the work, both administrative and substantive, of the Organization. Key benefits of using analytics and management dashboards include:

  • fast, convenient access to information
  • more accurate reporting, analysis or planning
  • improved decision-making; and
  • improved data quality.

To learn more about BI at the UN, visit: unite.un.org/bi. For questions and information, including how to get started with Unite Analytics, please email the Unite Business Intelligence team at OICT-BI@un.org.