Celebrating over 150 #WomenInTech Digitally Transforming the UN!

Celebrating over 150 #WomenInTech Digitally Transforming the UN!

Last year, on International Women’s Day (8 March 2023), the Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) initiated the #WomenInTech social media campaign, spotlighting women’s contributions to the digital transformation of the United Nations into UN 2.0.

Featuring over 150 fascinating profiles of women working in technology fields across 52 United Nations entities and 25 duty stations, the campaign aims to bridge the gender gap and encourage representation of women in the tech space. Their stories have been shared on OICT X (@UN_OICT) and Facebook (UnitedNationsUnite), with the full gallery available on OICT public website.

To date, the profiles have received 140,000-plus impressions, 68,000-plus engagements and 4,600-plus clicks on the profile links posted on X and Facebook. Bertha Nayelly Loya Marin, Head of Global Crime Programme on Cybercrime at the Office on Drugs and Crime, recorded the highest impact with 12,590 impressions and 346 engagements, followed by Hari Maya Powdel, System Administrator at the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in the Sudan, with 9,507 impressions and 158 engagements.

The campaign has attracted more than 70,000 global visitors to the Unite website gallery page and has been viewed by approximately 15,500 UN personnel since its promotion on iSeek website.

“The #WomenInTech campaign not only offers much deserved recognition to the women it profiles but also counters stereotypes,” said Liliana Uruburo, Programme Management Officer, Department of Management, Strategy, Policy and Compliance. “It highlights the diversity of our tech workforce and brings a smile to my face each time I see another one up.”

By showcasing their achievements, the #WomenInTech campaign aims to inspire the next generation of women innovators and leaders, and inspire more women to apply for tech positions at the UN, supporting the System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity.

“I am immensely proud of the impact OICT's campaign has had on promoting women in technology globally,” said Avishan Bodjnoud, Chief, Information Management Unit at the Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs-Department of Peace Operations. “By spotlighting the achievements and potential of the UN #WomenInTech, we're not only challenging stereotypes but also fostering a more inclusive and diverse technological future both within the UN workforce but also globally. This initiative underscores our commitment to gender equality and empowerment in all fields of technology”.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, don’t miss out on the immense contributions and impact of the amazing #WomenInTech. Browse their profiles today!