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Sajana Joshi
CRM Business Analyst
Enterprise Solutions Service, Office of Information and Communications Technology


What brought you to a career in technology at the United Nations?

The Secretariat Office at the United Nations, by this time, has lot of data resources it can offer. The only thing you need is the capacity to mine it and transform it into resourceful products and services. And this is what excites me the most. I enjoy leveraging technology to improve the operations and provide customer satisfaction through my analytical skill sets. There are several technical contributions we can make to ensure the system runs smoothly and effectively.


What has been your favorite IT project at the United Nations and what was your technical contribution?

Out of several IT projects at the Organization, I have enjoyed providing client support for Identity Management CRM. As a client support representative, I am responsible for helping clients resolve any technical issues they encounter while using the Identity Management CRM. This involves diagnosing problems, identifying root causes and providing solutions or workarounds. This really satifies me, as I am capable of solving problems. I provide technical training to clients to help them use the Identity Management CRM more effectively, which includes creating user guides, delivering webinars, or providing one-o-one coaching sessions. Sometimes, there's a need to develop integrations between the Identity Management CRM and other systems to help clients manage identity data across multiple platforms; that gives me an edge to various other technologies and boosts my knowledge.


What advice would you give women interested in pursuing a field in technology?

It is essential to believe in your abilities and not let anyone make you feel inadequate because of your gender. You have as much right to pursue a career in technology as anyone else, and you can excel in it. Technology is an ever-changing field, and it is essential to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies. Invest time in learning new skills and technologies. Pursuing a career in technology can be daunting, and you may encounter challenges along the way. Don't be afraid to take risks, step out of your comfort zone and pursue your goals with determination. There is no one right way to pursue a career in technology. It's all about finding what works for you and staying true to yourself. My favorite quote says: "Go the extra miles, it's never crowded".