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Hui Qu
Associate Management and Programme Analyst
Office of Human Resources, Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance


What brought you to a career in technology at the United Nations?

The opportunity and the trust from the management offered to the freshly onboarded woman staff, as I started to work on this project six months after joining the UN through the YPP from the private sector, as well as my previous professional experiences related to data analysis.


What has been your favorite IT project at the United Nations and what was your technical contribution?

Project: Data visualizations in the report of the Secretary-General, Composition of the Secretariat: staff demographics. Contributions: • Provide appealing data visualizations in a changed manner to facilitate the understanding of the stories behind data in the above-mentioned annual report as A/76/570 and A/77/580, with specific attention paid to the accessibility of the report including colour blindness and grayscale printing. • Perform quantitative and qualitative analyses on data visualization types, tools and training programmes to support decision-making. • Establish a graphic charter for the production of the above-mentioned annual report. • Capitalize knowledge and share it with sister sections and colleagues.


What advice would you give women interested in pursuing a field in technology?

In front of technology, everyone can contribute to it one way or the other. Seize the opportunities, share the ideas, consult colleagues, seek support from managers, make the changes happen.