"Thanks to breakthroughs in machine learning and the growing availability of computational power, data has become one of the most valuable resources in modern society. "

UN Panel on Digital Cooperation

The Power of Data

As the United Nations consolidates its data repositories, we help unleash this vast and valuable asset to provide answers, insights and efficiencies.

New Platforms for New Insights

The Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) enables clients to visualize and analyze essential data, and to use it in ways that provide important realizations and inspirations to drive decisions and progress at all levels of the Organization. We work with a vast array of relevant information available across a multitude of data sources. Our products enable clients to interpret, identify and communicate meaningful patterns, whether in relation to programme management, interoffice coordination, transparency ,or operational mandates.


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Why Unite Analytics?

  • Overwhelming growth of internal and external data, and the ability to make use of an increasing variety of data sources
  • Demand for analyses and deeper insights
  • Need for greater accountability and transparency
  • Advancements in new technologies, and developments such as machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Drive to improve how the UN works, through cross-organizational data; improved efficiency and agility; and an integrated view of multi-level engagements
  • The fact OICT is continuously evolving to add value in business intelligence and smart solutions in support of UN mandates

Our Services

  • Data models

    • Develop templates based on functional requirements provided by clients
    • Create data relationship models between various entities and attributes
    • Configure processes and mechanisms to ensure data feeds are updated regularly
  • Data visualizations
    • Create graphical representations and visualizations of sophisticated data concepts that help identify new data patterns, trends and forecasts
    • Present consolidated data in a variety of visual formats to enable deeper data insight and discovery 
  • Self service reporting
  • Training and capacity building
  • Data analytics

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What is Unite Analytics?

Unite Analytics is the exploration and interpretation of meaningful data. We consolidate from the growing and varied sources of information to describe, predict, and improve business planning and performance. We rely on technological advances and data modeling to ground decisions in sound, clear, and visually compelling insights and trends.

The inclusion of numerous organizational data sources enables the provision of refined consolidation techniques and data storage of higher quality. This process creates repositories that have a higher level of accuracy and transparency, while using sophisticated data analyses. 

Our platforms support clear and coherent overviews and provide actionable data cross-organizationally.

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