KG4SG Organizes Workshop of the 2021 KGC Conference on 3 May

The United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) and Accenture Labs are co-organizing a conference on Knowledge Graphs for Social Good (KG4SG) on 3 May. It is targeted to practitioners of knowledge graphs methods, related domain subject matter experts, and anyone working to leverage knowledge graphs for social good.

The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC-2021) will be fully virtual. Participants need to register for the event, but there is no cost to attend (registration details coming soon).

Conference Goals

The conference aims to establish a bridge for researchers from the public sector, industry and academia working on positive social impact.

This applied research-based workshop will show how knowledge graphs can be leveraged for positive social impact. The workshop will showcase a variety ongoing efforts (in various stages of completion); discuss successes, hurdles and bottlenecks; and highlight tools and standards used in the solution. As a gathering of practitioners and stakeholders, it is an excellent venue to identify and find projects/researchers for future collaboration.

This year, we have a particular focus on health, education, environmental protection, and sustainability; however, other social good topics are also welcome. For example:

  • Efforts such as the International Aid Transparency, Open Contracting and Open Corporates try to connect the dots between funds and registered entities.
  • The SDGs, related datasets and relevant news articles can be represented as a massive semantic graph. It is a great use-case for knowledge graphs - a semantic layer on top of existing data will help map relationships. between different SDGs and understand the interaction as well as overlap between target concepts.
  • Efforts to help on the social healthcare crisis such as Covid-19 and identification of social determinant of health using knowledge graphs.

Register for the Workshop

You can register for the workshop here. To register for a free ticket you must choose the “Booth and Lounge Access” option. You will receive the link for the workshop via email.


Organizer and Program Committee

  • Lambert Hogenhout, Chief Data, Analytics and Innovation, OICT
  • Vivek Khetan , Technology R&D, Associate Principal, Accenture Labs
  • Bogdan Sacaleanu, Technology R&D, Senior Principal, Accenture Labs

Supporting Program Committee

  • Neda Abolhassani, Technology R&D, Associate Principal, Accenture Labs
  • Christophe Gueret, Technology R&D, Associate Principal, Accenture Labs
  • Taposh Dutta Roy, Senior Manager, Innovation at KP Insight
  • Rayid Ghani, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University (Machine Learning & Public Policy) Data Science/AI/ML for Social
  • Teresa Tung, Managing Director, Accenture Labs
  • Andy Fano, Managing Director, Accenture Labs

Previous Workshop

KG4SG workshop at KGC - 2020