National Operational Databases

Through goINTEL, goAML can be interfaced with national operational databases. goINTEL acts as the interface to bring distributed and heterogeneous information sources in an electronic standardized communication standard. It provides a secure and collaborative interface for sharing information and intelligence within established national legal frameworks.


The middleware goINTEL interfaces goAML and for cross-border reporting and dissemination within the European Union following Article 53.1 of the 4th EU AML Directive. The objective of the project is to provide the 28 EU FIUs with a solution enabling them to comply with Article 53.1 by promptly disseminating any STR which has a relevance to other FIUs.

INTERPOL (I24/7 & iLink)

Depending on the use cases, goINTEL can interface goAML with I24/7 and iLink. I-24/7 is the network that enables investigators to access INTERPOL's range of criminal databases. Authorized users can search and cross-check data in a matter of seconds, with direct access to databases on suspected criminals or wanted persons, stolen and lost travel documents, stolen motor vehicles, fingerprints, DNA profiles, stolen administrative documents and stolen works of art.

I-link is an operational system that centralizes and continually enhances database features. It will also help make connections between seemingly unrelated investigations, by identifying common threads.electronic standardized communication standard and other authorized users are able to access I-link through the I-24/7 network.

Egmont Group (ESW)

One of the requirements of the goAML/goPortfolio International User Group is to interface goAML and Egmont Secure Web hosted by FinCEN using goINTEL.