The goAML application is one of the solutions offered by UNODC to combat the global financial crime including money laundering and terrorist financing. goAML is an integrated database and intelligent analysis system developed by the Enterprise Application Center Vienna (EAC-VN).

The goAML application has three primary solutions:

  1. Collection: data is submitted by FIUs from banks and other financial institutions;
  2. Analysis: rule-based analysis, risk-score, and profiling are performed by FIU analysts;
  3. Data exchange: the exchange of data is: a) between the FIU and the intelligence agencies or juridical authorities (within the framework of the national coordination) and b) between the FIU and regional institutions (eg. through and international ones (eg. Egmont Secure web)

The FIUs receive reports from financial institutions and other reporting entities in the form of:

  • Cash Transaction Reports (CTR);
  • Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR);
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Reports (EFT - including International Funds Transfer Reports);
  • List-based reports, such as reports generated from lists of known terrorist identities.