About goAML

The goAML application is part of the goPortfolio software products that are developed and actively maintained by the Software Products for Member States (SPMS). The goPortfolio is a set of innovative evidence-based models and software products designed to assist Member States in the fight against Money laundering, terrorist financing and organized crime.

The SPMS which is part of the Enterprise Application Centre in Vienna (EAC-VN), has developed advanced evidence-based models and innovative software products to Member States within the thematic areas of the UNODC substantive mandates of countering corruption, illicit drugs control and transnational organized crime, significantly enhancing the ability of Member States to fulfill their mandates.

Upon request and in close collaboration with UN Secretariat substantive units and User Communities, SPMS develops effective, sustainable and accessible IT solutions and make them available to key government institutions of Member States, under the umbrella of the digital transformation agenda of the Secretary General. These institutions cover, among others, legal affairs, trade and development, environment, human settlements, human rights, protection and assistance of refugees, and humanitarian aid.