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Ever-evolving technologies have the potential of enabling the United Nations to respond quickly and effectively to global challenges when they arise. We believe it is critically important to reflect on the potential these cutting-edge technologies have to enable the work of Organization and to make the world a better place for all.

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Introduction to Web3

9 March 2023, 10:30 AM (EST)

Web3 is an emerging technology, a new vision for the web, that promises to shift power from Big Tech to users.  Learn more about what Web3 is, and how it is relevant to the United Nations and its goals. 

The speaker will share examples of her own experience in using Web3 to address societal problems, describe the landscape and discuss the possibilities for this emergent technology.


Presenter for the Web3 Technology Tech Salon on 9 March will be:

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Quantum Technology

27 June 2022, 11 AM (EDT)

The peculiar properties of particles at the atomic level can be harnessed to provide new technologies, even a new type of computers. How does this work and what are the implications?​ Three world class experts will discuss the fundamentals of quantum physics, real world expectations and future possibilities. 

Panelists for the Quantum Technology Tech Salon on 27 June will include:

  • Dr. Mithuna Yoganathan, PHD in Quantum Physics from Cambridge University​
  • Dr. Mark Jackson, Senior Quantum Evangelist at Quantinuum​
  • André KÖNIG, CEO of Inference Advisors, Chairman of OneQuantum, ​Managing Partner of Entanglement Capital​​

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Tech Salons

is a series of events focusing on important technologies and their impact on the UN, sustainable development and the world. These events are open and free to attend for anyone, and feature experts from academia and private and public sectors. Events are held regularly and presented in different formats—panel discussions, lectures, interviews or other. Most events will have an opportunity for Q&A or public discussion at the end.

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