Unite Analytics - Samples

Unite Analytics Samples and Case Studies

Unite Analytics is a client-centered platform, rooted in direct consultations with UN offices and departments, that aids in identifying customer needs and then provides a tailored analytical solution. We provide services to the UN Secretariat, the field, its missions, and OAHs. 

Unite Analytics is demand-driven. As we progress toward robust self-service, early adopters are leveraged to pilot and develop the full capabilities of the platform.

The following are samples of the types of solutions that have been developed. Please feel free to email us with your questions at: oict-bi@un.org.

UN Search

Hard to find content across so many UN sites and applications? A state of the art search-engine technology is available for all entities in the UN system. Search can find content across multiple sites and content repositories and is open to anyone in the world.

UN Grants

The United Nations Grants Dashboard is a joint effort by various UN entities to provide a comprehensive overview of current and historical UN grants in a clear and transparent manner. It is available to all United Nations staff as well as to Member States and other UN partners. 

UN Programmatic Reporting 

The United Nations Programmatic Reporting Dashboard is a Business Intelligence application that brings together substantive and financial performance indicators on the UN programmatic activities in a clear and concise way. It is available to representatives of contributing bodies and UN officers responsible for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of UN projects and programs.