OICT, ITU Partner for Inclusive and Innovative Digital Ecosystem

The Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) sign the Declaration of Intent on development of Digital Transformation and Technology Innovation ecosystems to ensure a more strategic framework for cooperation for a sustainable, reliable and safer world.

The Declaration of Intent was signed on Monday, 3 April 2023, by Mr. Bernardo Mariano Junior, Assistant Secretary-General and Chief Information Technology Officer of OICT, and Dr. Cosmas Luckyson Zavazava, Director of ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau.

This partnership will make way for a greater digital cooperation on common goals—to address the challenges of the developing world, and to build capacities and capabilities for a better digitally advanced world.

Mr. Mariano (pictured, left) expressed great pleasure in signing the Declaration of Intent with ITU, a step that he believes will help advance digital innovation and scale up transformative solutions.

“We are aiming at developing global digital innovation ecosystems, and in support of digital inclusion. Innovation plays a critical role in moving the UN forward", he said. "Engaging with partners is paramount to the success of technology supporting the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.”

Dr. Zavazava is confident that this alliance will go a long way toward unlocking the digital potential of countries, building capacities in innovation, and positively transforming the world.

“Our cooperation with the UN OICT will play a pivotal role in bringing innovation to the forefront of digital development and ensuring that the benefits of technology are leveraged to create a more inclusive and equitable future”, he said.

The joint declaration will ensure a more strategic framework for cooperation at all levels between OICT and ITU. It will help the two achieve their common objectives of advancing the 2030 Agenda:

  • develop digital transformation and technological innovation ecosystems in support of digital inclusion

  • develop technological innovation capacities and expand innovative solutions

  • improve coordination and synergies for knowledge-sharing and best practices

  • accelerate digital development through technological innovation platforms and build reliable technological capabilities

  • define areas of strategic dialogue, programming, common approaches, and cooperation

  • facilitate advancement of emerging technology tools and digital technologies

  • strengthen collaboration through joint private/public partnerships and UN interagency mechanisms

  • leverage capacities and capabilities through joint alliance for accelerating digital transformation for sustainable development

Read more about this joint collaboration on ITU website.