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Joelle Yazbeck
Regional Coordinator of the ICC-ESCWA Centre of Entrepreneurship Community, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia


What brought you to a career in technology at the United Nations?

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and businesses. I see technology as an enabler and it must be integrated in our business operations as it accelerates access to new markets, customers and opportunities. What I enjoy the most about the work I do is that I get to combine the use of technology, as an empowering tool, with the UN SDG's to ultimately create positive social impact and improve people's well-being and livelihoods.


What has been your favorite technology project or initiative at the United Nations and why? What was your contribution?

The e-Commerce Acceleration Programme for MSMEs, where I get to engage directly with small business owners and develop their capacities by providing them with the tools and knowledge to navigate e-commerce websites, create engaging content and reach customers worldwide. Thanks to ESCWA's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, our work to equipping women, youth, and other disadvantaged groups with digital skills is not only about selling products online—it's about helping them become independent, creating opportunities and building a brighter future for everyone.


What advice would you give women interested in pursuing a field in technology?

Take charge today and be a catalyst for progress- your active participation will not only drive personal growth but will positively impact the well-being and health of your children, families and the communities you live in!