Luxembourg takes on the chairmanship of the goAML International User Group

The handover of the Chairmanship ceremony in Vienna on 15 July 2021. Pictured here Mr. Luis Santiago, Mr. Max Braun, Mr. Marko Stolle and Mr. Antoine Karam


On 25 February 2021, Luxembourg was voted to take on the chairmanship of the goAML International User Group. The official hand-over ceremony took place in Vienna on 15 July 2021. The decision made at the virtual 5th IUG Meeting has hereby been implemented. Max Braun, Head of FIU Luxembourg, expressed his thanks to the IUG for the confidence shown, by giving over the chairmanship.

After 3 years of chairing the International User Group on goAML, where the virtual community was expanded and strengthened, and significant progress was achieved despite many challenges, paving the way towards important future achievements, Marko Stolle thanked the User Community, and was happy to oversee the handing over of the chairmanship in this carefully prepared meeting. Marko confirmed his full confidence that the Chairmanship is in very good hands with Max Braun.

Max Braun thanked Marko Stolle and the members of his team, for the very successful chairing and leading the IUG for the last years. Max also appreciated the trust the User Community vested in him and his team, and expressed the importance of goAML and the enormous potential ahead in taking advantage of this community and of technology in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, particularly through the international exchange of experience both at the strategic and operational levels.

In this spirit, FIU Luxembourg, as the new chair of the IUG, will wholeheartedly continue what has been started and support the development and promotion of goAML as an effective tool in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. All parties expressed their full confidence in this selection, and look forward to working closely together with all involved partners in the upcoming years. We wish all of us an exciting journey ahead, interesting discussions and much success, on the way to goAML's further development as an overall goal.