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Unite Self Service

The Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) is implementing an easy-to-use, paperless method of submitting requests for ICT services. Deployed at UNHQ in New York, it leads to greater efficiencies, faster delivery and more transparency, giving clients the ability to track their requests and OICT the ability to measure and improve service delivery.

The benefits of removing paper are twofold. It eliminates the possibility of forms getting lost in transit. And, perhaps most importantly, it is yet another green step taken by the Secretariat, eliminating approximately 40,000 pieces of paper per year.

Access to Unite Self Service requires Unite Identity (formerly EIDMS ID):

  1. For new requests, Department Approvers and Submitters can login with their Unite Identity.
  2. To report issues with existing service, any staff member can login with their Unite Identity.

Submit and track your ICT requests online!


Staff can access additional information on iSeek in the OICT service catalogue.