Unite Identity

Unite Identity - one login for your apps

Unite Identity (https://uniteid.un.org) is an application that manages access to United Nations enterprise systems with a single user ID and password. Unite Identity is currently used to access Umoja and other UN systems, such as Unite Self Service, Unite Mail, Unite Docs, and iSeek. Manage your account online at uniteid.un.org.

Unite Identity is an enterprise identity management system that eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords to access UN tools and applications. A single user ID and password is all you need to access a growing number of key systems globally.

Identity management is critical to ensuring information security, particularly as more systems and platforms move to the cloud. Unite Identity meets the Organization’s highest security standards and policies, thereby reducing the risk from less secure logins implemented for individual systems. Unite Identity helps protect information by defining roles and controlling access to information. 

Key Features

  • Single user ID and password to access numerous UN systems, with centralized governance
  • Enforcement of UN ICT security policies, including password guideline
  • Self-service reset of your Unite Identity password is possible by registering a recovery email (be sure to add yours today at uniteid.un.org)

Key Benefits

  • Standardizes user IDs across the Organization, reducing confusion and streamlining the process for creating, managing and deleting accounts
  • Global, consistent account does not change when you move across Secretariat entities or locations
  • Greater security access and identity management
  • Supported around-the-clock by Unite Service Desk: unite.un.org/servicedesk

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How it Works

A Unite Identity account is usually created automatically based on information coming from approved systems of record such as Umoja and the Field Support Suite (for users in peacekeeping missions or political missions). If you do not receive an email regarding Unite Identity activation after onboarding, you should fill out the Identity contact form for technical support from the Unite Service Desk.

Unite Identity complies with UN access control procedures (SEC.02.PROC). This means you will have to change your password every six months. An email from UniteIdentity-no-reply@un.org will be sent to your registered email accounts with easy-to-follow instructions on changing your password.

Need help?

Support is provided by Unite Service Desk, around-the-clock:


Unite Service Desk provides global ICT support anytime