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Unite Drive

Unite Drive allows staff, as well as those we collaborate with, the ability to access and share files from anywhere – home, on mission, at a conference, etc. It offers easy to use, secure, file storage on UN managed servers.

Unite Drive is already available to all staff at UNHQ. The Unite Drive icon can be found on the desktop or through Windows Explorer. Staff are encouraged to use this alternative to Dropbox, Box, and other commercial, external file-sharing services.

The Unite Connections Desktop Plug-ins (bundled with Unite Drive) for Microsoft Office allows you to work on and save files directly to Unite Drive.

Unite Drive offers numerous benefits over existing file systems, including:

  1. uploading files to Unite Connections from Windows Explorer or from Microsoft Office;
  2. working directly on files in Connections and re-publish new versions;
  3. viewing or contributing comments;
  4. restoring deleted files; and
  5. sharing folders with communities and individuals.

With Unite Drive you can access your files through a web browser, or any device, including mobile, with access to the Internet.

Mobile Access

Unite Drive and all your files can be accessed in the Connections mobile app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Don’t send, share…

Instead of emailing file attachments, share them with colleagues in Connections. It stores the version history, makes files accessible from anywhere, is fully searchable, and will not get archived after 90 days.

Staff can login to the 101 Support Wiki to learn more about how Connections and Drive are integrated with their desktop.