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Unite Analytics

A vast amount of useful data is available within and outside the UN system. However, the general public, Member States and UN personnel struggle, not only with finding and accessing that data, but also benefitting from it in meaningful ways. Unite Analytics brings together tools for finding, analyzing and visualizing data to support evidence-based decision making. 

Unite Analytics provides tools and services to leverage data for:

  • strengthening the capacity of UN entities to deliver on their substantive mandates
  • facilitating implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by UN entities, Member States and civil society

As the international community embraces the opportunities and challenges brought about by the increased availability of data globally, Unite Analytics empowers people through innovative data solutions.



Data Collection and Extraction

  • extraction of information from diverse sources (e.g. documents and publications, websites, social media, multimedia, databases, etc.)

  • automated collection and extraction frequency can be as often as needed from large datasets

Data Processing and Enriching

  • automated parsing and enrichment of millions of data entries by adding tags, creating clusters of content, categorizing records, identifying specific entities (people, places, organizations, reference numbers, etc.)

Data Exploration, Search and Visualization

  • development of customized dashboards to search and explore datasets
  • vast datasets can be quickly understood to derive insights and support better decision-making through the combination an advanced, modern search engine with visual charts and filtering tools 

Advanced Analytics

  • simulations and scenarios are built with datasets to explore possible outcomes
  • with existing models, Unite Analytics can assist  with infrastructure or programming solutions to run simulations