Productivity & Collaboration Services

A programme to protect the United Nation’s data, resources, and reputation, as we store, process, and share more and more sensitive information electronically, preventing breaches is paramount.

An enterprise search tool that gives staff the ability to search content across the Organization via web and mobile interfaces.

The self service portal uses eForms for service requests, providing transparency & accountability through ticket tracking.


Provides a centralized, secure and scalable repository for all records and document types of the United Nations.

Enables personnel to share content and create communities facilitating collaboration across boundaries, and even with external partners.

Unite Identity is an application that allows UN personnel to log into various systems using a single user ID and password.

Unite Analytics brings together tools for finding, analyzing and visualizing data to support evidence-based decision making.

A modern new email platform for the Secretariat, powered by Office 365 and Outlook; replaces Lotus Notes.