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"Events are moving with twenty-first-century speed, often outpacing the institutions and systems designed for another age."
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, statement to the General Assembly in September 2013

The world is more interconnected each day through modern web-based tools such as social networks and mobile technologies that allow for much more rapid, direct and efficient communication.

Unite Connections allows us to collaborate across duty stations and organizations, and even with external partners such as Agencies, Funds and Programmes. It combines a variety of powerful social tools in one comprehensive platform.

Connections is tightly integrated with existing tools and applications, such as your email, desktop and MS Office. It can be accessed anywhere: via browser, desktop, mobile device, at the office, home, or even on patrol. A mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices making it easy to get and stay connected.

Unite Connections upgraded

New features include “Web Editing” for files, an app that enables users to simultaneously co-edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real-time, and provides an internal and secure alternative to Google Docs and other external applications. Additionally, when adding your own file to a folder, you can specify "allow folders to edit" so editors of that folder automatically inherit the right to edit.

Additional enhancements include:

  • smart type-ahead search—remembers what you looked for, who you worked with and what you recently worked on
  • moving Communities (e.g. move stand-alone communities to sub-communities of a top-level parent community)
  • creating “subfolders” in File app—storing a folder within another folder
  • creating multimedia pages (e.g. combination of text, images, audio, and video) in your community
  • real-time notifications popping up on your desktop
  • prioritizing your own content when searching (Rank My Content Higher)
  • exporting community events to an external calendar
  • My Notifications, @mentions, and Action required views in the homepage are now consolidated into a single Notifications Center view
  • files over 10 MB can be uploaded and attached to an Activity
  • search includes attachments to forum topics and replies
  • Notifications view on the homepage is now grouped by Like and Comment

Most importantly, Connections, with more than 21,000 active users, is internal, protecting UN content and data. Once the new Connections goes live, move your files from Google Docs, an external provider, to Connections. Connections can be used to store all documents except those classified by a department or office as "confidential" or "strictly confidential". See links below for key policies* on the handling of UN information and data.

Please note: the primary domain for Connections (unite.un.org/connections) has changed to connections.unite.un.org; therefore, you need to update all manually created links to your content in Connections. For example, to access a wiki, the link will need to be updated as follows:

unite.un.org/connections/wiki/wikiname       to         connections.unite.un.org/wiki/wikiname   

To learn more about all the new features in Unite Connections, please visit the Unite Connections 101 community

For questions and comments, please contact: Connections Administrator (connectionsadmin@un.org).    

*Key policies

  • How to classify content and determine where it can be published: ST/SGB/2007/6 “Information Sensitivity, Classification and Handling”
  • How to create, manage and dispose of official records: ST/SGB/2007/5 “Record-keeping and the management of United Nations archives”
  • What types of websites are allowed: ST/IC/2014/27 “Internet Filter Upgrade”
  • Unite Connections Terms and Conditions