Unite Newsletter: Tips and Tricks - June 2018

Unite Newsletter - Tips and Tricks (June 2018)

We all depend on technology to do our work every day. In this newsletter, we will provide helpful tips and tricks on the various tools available. We will also feature new tools and resources that will help you in your daily work.

Do you know...

When you use OneDrive For Business, your files are accessible from anywhere and on mobile devices. You can:

For more Office 365 tips, training and quick guides, visit: unite.un.org/office365.

Submitting and tracking your ICT issues through Unite Self Service (unite.un.org/ineedservice) ensures the fastest service and enables the Unite Service Desk to better manage all incoming requests.

If for any reason the Unite Self Service portal is not available, you should call ext. 3-3333 in all regions except Asia, which is ext. 3333.

Cybercrime is ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated. Whether in the office or working remotely, you should always remain vigilant against cyber threats.

Regularly update security software, including anti-virus protection, on personally-owned home computers and other devices.

Download the information security quick guide for more tips on staying cyber safe.


With Unite Mail, you have two options when replying to a message with an attachment. You can:

  • copy the attachment from the original message and paste it in the reply message, or
  • forward the original message, which will keep the attachment, but you will need to re-address the message to the recipients.

To forward a message:

  1. Open the message or select it in the message list, and then choose Forward.
  2. Select the message, and then, in the Home tab select Respond group and choose Forward. ​

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