Unite Newsletter - February 2018

With OneDrive I can work anywhere

Do you put work files on a USB when you go home? Do you email them to yourself? Load them to your personal Google Docs? Or DropBox?

None of that is necessary anymore. With OneDrive for Business you can store your unclassified* work files in the Office 365 cloud. You can share files with colleagues and even simultaneously edit or co-author documents with OneDrive. Best of all, OneDrive syncs across all your devices so you always have the latest version of a file. Learn more>>

*Sensitive information (as defined in ST/SBG/2007/6) should NOT be saved in OneDrive.

Unite Ideas #CyberSecurityNLP challenge Q & A

Unite Ideas has launched eight new challenges designed to help expand the ongoing work of entities in many areas of sustainable development. For example, the #CyberSecurityNLP challenge is to build a tool for the analysis of cybersecurity strategies of more than 75 countries to find commonalities, differences, and key characteristics. The challenge was launched by the United Nations Digital Blue Helmets in collaboration with Fordham University and Northeastern University.

A Q&A about the #CyberSecurityNLP challenge was held at Fordham University on 21 February. Watch a replay of the Q&A.    

Other Applications

7th annual United Nations Information Security Conference

“How do we, as ICT professionals, help our organizations understand that cyber security is a major risk," asked Ms. Atefeh Riazi in her opening remarks to the 7th annual United Nations Information Security Special Interest Group (UNISSIG), which included participants from across the UN system and other intergovernmental organizations. "How do we help them understand how difficult it is to maintain peace in cyberspace?” 

In addition to these broader strategic questions, the symposium included sessions on the latest threats; common and novel approaches to respond to, and prevent, information security breaches; and the impact of disruptive technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. The participants agreed on a number of collaborative initiatives to share best practices, actionable threat intelligence and joint awareness, in an effort to better manage risks through partnerships. The UNISSIG took place at United Nations Headquarters, 30 January-1 February.

Office 365

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More than 20,250 users have been successfully migrated to Unite Mail (Outlook and Office 365).

Tips and Tricks

When you send email from Unite Mail, you can attach a OneDrive for Business file as a link instead of sending an attachment.

By sending a file as a link, you automatically give colleagues you send the message to permission to edit the file. Plus, you save space in everyone's mailbox and encourage colleagues to edit the same copy in OneDrive for Business.

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