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Unite Newsletter - 2017 March

Secretariat makes leap to Outlook and Office 365!

The long-standing Lotus Notes email platform and its in-house applications have served the Organization well for many years. However, the UN must move with the times! Unite Mail (a software suite including Microsoft Outlook and Office 365) is being deployed to the entire global Secretariat this year, as part of the ICT strategy for the United Nations, which is intended to bring our Organization into alignment with best practices available today. Learn more >>

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Unite Mail (Outlook) coming to OCHA!

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is now officially the first organization in the UN secretariat to migrate email - along with all archives - to a new cloud-based platform, MS Exchange on the cloud! It came after months of hard work and very close collaboration with the Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT). Following extensive work on infrastructure and consolidation of servers, along with a general “clean up,” the big move finally happened on 21 February. Learn more >>

What's new

  • Completed annual verification of application assets
  • Retired 24 applications globally


Get started with the Lotus Notes to Office 365 quick start guide, which highlights the key differences between platforms and has time-saving tips & tricks to help you do everything you're used to doing.


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