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Unite Newsletter - 2016 Year End Special Edition

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Message from CITO: 2016 ICT Highlights

Dear colleagues,

As we prepare for the New Year and reflect on what we accomplished collectively in 2016, I want to thank you for your passion, dedication, and hard work. Your commitment to helping make the United Nations the great organization it is inspires me every single day. ICT is critical to the Organization’s substantive work and each of you is essential to transforming ICT at the UN. It is due to your efforts that our colleagues around the world are better able to accomplish their work and collaborate more efficiently. I am honored to be leading such an amazing team.

The ICT strategy is a five-year plan to transform the technology environment at the UN and support its mandates. While year one of implementation established a strong foundation for realizing this vision, 2016 resulted in many extraordinary accomplishments.

The past year proved this supremely talented global ICT workforce is devoted to ensuring our technology supports the essential work of the United Nations.

From working closely with the Department of Field Support (DFS) and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) to deploy key enterprise solutions to the critical area of field operations, including Electronic Contingent Owned Equipment (eCOE) and Electronic Fuel Management (eFMS) to providing critical support—through global network harmonization, integration access, and production support—for the deployment of Umoja; from deploying Unite Business Intelligence to support decision-making to partnering with the private and public sectors on developing data-driven solutions; from continuing to improve operations and delivery to strengthening information security across the Secretariat, with our web filtering system blocking more than 700 million malicious Internet connections and our email filtering system blocking over 600,000 malicious attachments; from close collaboration among departments, notably between OICT and the Department of Field Support (DFS), to launching the Digital Blue Helmets to protect the UN from cyber-threats and promote cybersecurity worldwide; from delivering administrative support systems that complement Umoja to harmonizing e-learning platforms; from the Enterprise Application Centres (EACs) consolidating some 500 applications to the Enterprise Data Centres (EDCs) guaranteeing global service through 24x7 application hosting, basic connectivity, and network monitoring; and from a single network—"One UN Network”—connecting 594 UN locations and the Unite Service Desk handling more than 140,000 service requests to Unite Mail modernizing email and messaging across the Secretariat, and rolling out the first cloud-based system.

Everything we do supports the core work of UN, and the above are only a few examples of your amazing work. Please take a look at our 2016 interactive timeline for a more complete picture of all we accomplished this year together. Your efforts were truly extraordinary.

We know there is a lot more work to do and many challenges remain to realizing the ICT vision laid out in the strategy. Because of your tireless efforts less than halfway through implementation, I am confident that together we will continue to modernize, transform, and innovate ICT in the UN, while strengthening governance and optimizing our resources.

Thank you all. I wish you and your families a healthy and fruitful New Year.

All the best,

Atefeh Riazi
Assistant Secretary-General, Chief Information Technology Officer
Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT)


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