Links to sustainable cities

1st place - Author: Mr. Abdulqadir Rashik Links to Sustainable Cities, an interactive data visualization, presents the viewer with flows that depict how differently classified links are proportionally divided between the various SDGs. The visualization extracts links from documents classified either causal links, barriers, or recommendations.

The width of the flow into any SDG is proportional to the number of links between it and SDG 11. For example, one can easily infer that the number of links to SDG 14 "Life below Water" is very small, whereas the most number of links were found to SDG 8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth". The actual number and breakdown of links into its different types is shown at the bottom center when hovering upon any SDG. 

Clicking on any individual SDG allows a user to drill down into a detailed breakdown that displays the link types and the text of the links. Further filtering the links based on their type is also possible. Links have not been classified based on directionality, so links of the same type are grouped together regardless of link direction.