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In the last decade, the demand for digital learning has been increasing across the world. Digital learning solutions are essential in bridging the gap between the teaching and the learners. Moreover, it can prove to be a powerful means to promote knowledge by continuous learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every sector of society, especially education. Children have been out of school, and their learning has been disrupted, particularly for the most vulnerable and marginalized. The pandemic has jeopardized the progress made for improving global education.

In the context of the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goal 4, Member States have committed to building stronger institutions that are well equipped to address the intertwined challenges to quality education.

In close collaboration with UN Secretariat substantive units, OICT has been engaged in developing sustainable and affordable IT solutions, making these solutions available to crucial government institutions for use in their jurisdictions, and strengthening their capacity to serve their citizens better.

What is goLearn?

OICT has implemented a one-stop learning solution 'goLearn' for reaching out to learners from all walks of life in the remotest of the places, with or without any direct connectivity to the Internet.

goLearn is a scalable model for remote education that can be deployed in any low-resource setting by using the available media and resources.

goLearn allows Member States to digitally deliver quality learning content to most of its population in a economic, scalable and secured manner.


Under the goLearn program, OICT launched UNiLearn for UNICEF to provide a world-class learning management system for students, teachers, facilitators, and mentors.

Also, it offered services to digitize valuable UNICEF substantive content. Forty-plus hours of world-class eLearning content is curated for teaching Students and their teachers across India. In the four months long pilot phase itself, UNiLearn hosted custom courses for over 125,111 teachers from the Indian state of Rajasthan. Individually each of these learners spent an average learning time of 5 hours and 22 minutes. The platform issued 250,398 certificates of course completion. Another six weeks long course on Foundational Numeracy is currently underway and it’s reaching out to 5000 plus teachers in the Indian state of Bihar.

Currently, UNiLearn hosts 255 courses, 380 eResources (audio, video and documents)  in its repository.

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