The “Passenger Information Units' platform for Detecting and Countering Terrorists Travel”

Countering Terrorist Travel

The United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism Countering Terrorist Travel (CTT) programme aims to build the capacity of Member States to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist offenses and related travel by using API and PNR data.

United Nations Security Council Resolutions 2178 (2014), 2396 (2017) and 2482 (2019) require Member States to:

  • Receive and analyze API
  • Develop capabilities to receive and analyze PNR
  • Make full use of relevant watchlists
  • Share information about foreign and domestic terrorists using commercial air transports within their jurisdiction and across jurisdictions

OICT is one of the implementing partners under the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) Countering Terrorism Travel programme.

What is goTravel?

goTravel is a United Nations-owned software solution derived from the Travel Information Portal (TRIP), which was developed by The Netherlands.

The UN received full ownership of the TRIP solution during the High-Level Segment of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly and intends to further develop and deploy it to Member States, and support the enhancement of their capacity to use Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data to detect terrorists and serious criminals and their travel movements.

Main functionalities

goTravel supports Member States Passengers Information Units sigle window accepting multiple data transfer standards including receiving API/PNR data from carriers in multiple formats through electronic business Messaging Service (ebMS). goTravel main functionalities include:

  • Allowing configuration of rule-based risk indicators and watchlists, and list the records that are matching against those rules
  • Performing an assessment of passengers prior to their scheduled arrival/departure (matching with risk indicators, watchlists and Interpol databases)
  • Manually querying API/PNR data for the purpose of helping competent authorities during ongoing investigations
  • Automatically notifying competent authorities when goTravel identifies passenger data requiring further examination
  • Enabling verification of PNR/API data retrieval and data quality of connected air carriers
  • Enabling analysts to reveal relationships between objects such as passengers, phone numbers, credit cards, etc. and visualize connections on graphs
  • Using network analysis to identify formally unknown relationships


UN Countering Terrorist Travel Programme

The United Nations Countering Terrorist Travel Programme


goTravel is built on standard technology (.Net, Angular JS, D3, MS Windows Server, Elasticsearch, OpenStreetMap, Internet Information Services, Microsoft Active Directory and ADFS role)

  • The software solution is hosted in the secure network of a Member State country
  • Its core is not exposed to the Internet
  • Air Carriers transmit data to the system via secure connection and B2B protocol

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