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Through OICT's support, several UN entities are offering innovative software solutions that governments install locally in their data centers and use daily to address a range of challenges, including countering money laundering and terrorist financing, detecting terrorist travel, managing land-registries, educating primary school students, etc.

UN entities have engaged OICT to provide sustainable and affordable ICT solutions for government institutions for use in their jurisdictions to sustain their capacity-building efforts in support of the SDGs.

OICT’s technology solutions, built “once” in close cooperation with UN substantive programmes and experts from recipient countries, embed international standards and are configurable for installation in any Member State.


The goPortfolio suite includes a range of sustainable, innovative and affordable ICT solutions developed by OICT in partnership with UN substantive entities in an "all-of-UN" approach. goPortfolio solutions are powered by emerging technology to help Member States strengthen their capacity to address multiple global challenges they face in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

goPortfolio solutions are available to Member States' key government institutions for use in their jurisdictions. No Member States' data managed through the goPortfolio solutions is accessed by the UN. The solutions ensure compliance with General Assembly Resolutions, Security Council Resolutions, human rights and international standards.

Embedded in the OICT ICT strategy (A/69/517), the emerging technology innovation pillar covers the engineering and deployment of concrete software tools meant to address evolving threat environments and conditions, and to equip the User Communities (UCs) in Member States with accessible technology that supports their day-to-day provision of services to their citizens.


“Member States, using OICT software solutions, support their long-term sustainability costs through yearly contributions to the UN, which are calculated on a strict cost-recovery basis in propostion to their GDP and HDI indexes; therefore, reducing their technology total cost of ownership and leveraging economies of scale”.


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