Unite Connections

Unite Connections - social collaboration in the United Nations

"Events are moving with twenty-first-century speed, often outpacing the institutions and systems designed for another age."
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, statement to the General Assembly in September 2013

Teamwork leads to success. Every day, United Nations staff worldwide collaborate—in the office, on mission, and across geographic and organizational boundaries—to understand and resolve the pressing issues the world faces. Evolving technologies allow a modern, connected workforce to set agreed visions and reach common goals. Communities of experts form, interact and share knowledge to find the very best solutions together.

Unite Connections is a knowledge-sharing platform. It enables seamless collaboration across geographic boundaries, offices and organizations. It combines a variety of powerful social tools in one comprehensive platform.

Connections is tightly integrated with existing tools and applications, such as email, document management, and Microsoft Office. It can be accessed anywhere: via browser, desktop, mobile device, at the office, home, or even on patrol. A mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices making it easy to get and stay connected.

Key Features

  • Provides social networking tools: profiles, blogs, wikis, and forums
  • Allows real-time co-editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations with others
  • Remembers recent searches, contacts, and documents
  • Enables multimedia pages within your community (e.g., text, images, audio, and video)
  • Helps prioritize your content when searching (“Rank My Content Higher)
  • Exports community events to an external calendar

Key Benefits

  • Collaborate in real-time across the entire world
  • Increase knowledge sharing across departments, organizations, and missions
  • Share expertise, strategies, policies, lessons, and best practices
  • Build, transfer, and retain institutional knowledge
  • Work in a unified manner across various offices
  • Work at home, in the field, or in transit on a mobile device

Get started in Connections

  1. To log in, UN personnel should use their UN email address (e.g.smith@un.org) and Lotus Notes webmail password.
  2. Install Unite Drive to drag and drop files directly from your computer and integrate with Microsoft Office applications.
  3. Install the Connections mobile app on your smartphone or tablet for access on-the-go.
  4. Be sure to visit the Connections 101 Support Community for help with Connections, including best practices for planning and managing communities.
  5. Download the Connections product sheet for more tips!
  6. Download the quick guide comparing internal platforms to external tools such as Google and Dropbox.

Need help?

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