Unite Search

Rolling out enterprise search for the United Nations

UN Secretariat staff spend a lot of time searching for information or recreating content that already exists. The Office of Information & Technology (OICT) is working to ensure that we have the ability to search all content in the Organization. This should free up time for staff to spend on daily activities, allowing them to focus more time on the core work of the UN. Additionally, this would benefit the general public, who would be able to find public content from across the UN through a single entry point.

An enterprise, open source tool is has been implemented on UN websites and document repositories replacing the commercial tool, as well as on new websites and repositories that were not previously searchable. 

Previously, only 6% of available UN content, across the global Secretariat was searchable by both personnel and the general public. OICT  prioritized the implementation of an enterprise search tool that is both cost-effective AND can search the vast amounts of available data and information.

We are committed to expanding the content available in Unite Search, which:

  • can scale up to 1 billion objects;
  • is free (open source) and cost-effective to implement;
  • is multilingual-capable;
  • supports a distributed architecture, whereby each duty station can have its own local search engine that also is capable of merging the multiple search indices to provide a global UN search function;
  • makes search and discovery more effective and user-friendly.

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