Fuel Management

Peacekeeping is critical to helping a country move away from conflict and build peace and stability. The UN’s peacekeeping operations require significant quantities of fuel in support of both administrative and military operations.

Fuel represents the second largest annual expenditure within the field missions’ budgets. The peacekeeping missions depend on safe and secure delivery of quality fuels; therefore, effective departmental policy and fuel management guidance is imperative.

The Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) has developed the Electronic Fuel Management System, also known as eFMS-2, in close collaboration with the Logistics Support Division of the Department of Field Support. By establishing a single global standardized system, which provides management and users  a set of tools for fuel planning, consumption and inventory control, analysis and reporting, eFMS-2 improves accountability, and financial and inventory control over fuel resources in field missions.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves data accuracy by using barcodes and scanners for recording most fuel transactions, instead of relying on manual data entry, which is prone to errors
  • Detects data tampering via use of electronic signatures
  • Supports auditing of data by storing photographs of fuel flow meters and odometers
  • Monitors fuel issuance by providing online reports
  • Regular reporting makes it easier to track fuel reserves and avoid over supply
  • Ongoing data analysis allows for the calculation of consumption trends
  • Detects out-of-trend demands by comparing incoming data with historical data, revealing any inconsistencies
  • Supports fuel requests from contingents
  • Interfaces with the UN’s internal financial system
  • Leverages existing applications and in-house expertise
  • Gives UN Headquarters the ability to run reports across all mission data, facilitating oversight
  • Provides planning tools at mission and enterprise levels
  • Promotes best business practices across missions

eFMS-2 is deployed in the following UN peacekeeping missions: MINUSTAH, MONUSCO, UNMISS, UNIFIL, UNMIL, UNOCI, and MINUSMA. Deployment will continue to other peacekeeping missions, at a rate of approximately 2 per year.