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Unite Business Intelligence


Unite Business Intelligence

Globally, it is estimated that 90% of all data has been created in the last 2 years. This paradigm shift in the scale of data that we consume and use has affected the United Nations every bit as much as other organizations and societies.

Business intelligence and reporting represents a set of services that allows the United Nations to leverage the vast amount of information and data at its disposal, in particular from new systems such as Umoja (ERP), inspira (personnel management) and iNeed (customer relationship management).

Business intelligence and reporting, when effectively planned and implemented, enables the use of data in ways that allow one to derive the intelligence underpinning operational decisions, as well as guide strategic direction and policy formulation.

The implementation of Umoja Cluster 4, which brought all United Nations staff globally into the system, opens data previously unavailable to the Organization. Furthermore, this data exists at a scale that is extremely challenging to harness and use.

Unite Business Intelligence is the enterprise solution to United Nations' reporting needs. This site serves as a portal to organizational reports and BI resources. Over time it will evolve to incorporate the mechanisms for governing requests for reports and production of reports. The overall goal is to ensure the United Nations provides business intelligence and reporting solutions that support real business needs.

For more information, please see link in Unite Connections to the recording of the Global ICT Information session on Unite Business Intelligence.

Unite Dashboards

This tool can combine data from multiple sources, creating visual reports that answer key questions asked by managers on a regular basis. The dashboards give senior managers access to reliable data for fast decision-making, which is essential to gleaning key insights that enhance both individual performance and the global mission of the UN. 

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