Shaping Sustainable Development Goals


In September 2015 Member States of the United Nations are expected to agree on a new 15-year development framework that supersedes the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The proposed framework will build on the experience of the MDGs, which played a major role in accelerating development goals in the Caribbean.

The proposed post-2015 development agenda contains 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), provide a broader and deeper response to the economic, social and environmental development challenges than the MDGs and are viewed as being more transformational. The proposed SDGs are designed to prepare Member States in their negotiations in the lead up to the United Nations Special Summit on Sustainable Development (which will adopt the post-2015 development agenda). The post-2015 development agenda is expected to be a more universal sustainable development framework, requiring commitment from all countries, to build a better shared future. In this respect, the agenda will represent a fundamental shift in thinking on development issues since, for the first time, economic, social and environmental challenges will be addressed in an integrated fashion.