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Ageing in the Caribbean - ECLAC Studies and Perspectives Technical Paper (TP)

Ageing in the Caribbean and the human rights of older persons: Twin imperatives for action

The role of primary health care professionals in detecting abuse and neglect - Douladel Willie-Tyndale Regular document (Reg.)

Douladel Willie-Tyndale, Mona Ageing and Wellness Centre, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Conclusions of the Caribbean Conference on Ageing Regular document (Reg.)
Report of the Caribbean Conference on Ageing, Elder Abuse and the Rights of Older Persons Regular document (Reg.)
Ma Pampo and the Centenarians of Dominica - Gerald Grell Information document (Inf.)

Gerald Grell, Special Advisor to the Dean and Chancellor, Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica

Programmes to facilitate active ageing and social participation - Angella Toyloy Regular document (Reg.)

Angella Toyloy, Executive Director, National Council for Senior Citizens, Jamaica

Advocacy, representation and participation in decision-making - Carol Vasquez Regular document (Reg.)

Carol Vasquez, President, Grenada Association of Retired Persons

Addressing isolation and loneliness - Griffin Benjamin Information document (Inf.)

Griffin Benjamin, Psychiatrist, Dominica

The problem of abuse of older persons in Martinique - Marie Antoinette Coma

Marie Antoinette Coma, Conseil Général of Martinique

Residential and extended care services - Emmanuel Joseph Regular document (Reg.)

Emmanuel Joseph, Semavil, Martinique

Risk factors for elder abuse in the context of residential and non-residential care; and identification of elder abuse - Marie-Therese Junkerre Regular document (Reg.)

Marie-Therese Junkerre, Managing Director, Premium Home and Residential Care Services, Dominica

Social care provision for older persons - Gertrude Gustave Regular document (Reg.)

Gertrude Gustave, Manager, Comfort Bay Senior Citizens’ Home, Saint Lucia

Age-friendly services and equitable access to health care - Paul Ricketts Regular document (Reg.)

Paul Ricketts, National Epidemiologist and Director, Health Information Unit, Ministry of Health and Environment, Dominica

Treatment and prevention of non-communicable diseases - James Hospedales Regular document (Reg.)

James Hospedales, Executive Director, Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

Social protection for older persons - Azilla Clarke Regular document (Reg.)

Azilla Clarke, Director of the Department of Social Services and Community Development, Saint Kitts and Nevis

The rights of older persons in disaster and emergency situations - Jeffrey James Regular document (Reg.)

Jeffrey James, Regional Representative, HelpAge International

National legislation on ageing and the rights of older persons - Andrew Browne Regular document (Reg.)

Andrew Browne, Deputy Director, National Assistance Board, Barbados

Developments in the area of the human rights of older persons - Adam Siegel Regular document (Reg.)

Adam Siegel, Department of Social Inclusion, Organisation of American States

Elder Abuse - Caroline Lemoine Regular document (Reg.)

Caroline Lemoine, Federation 3977 against the Abuse of Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities, France

Ageing in the Caribbean and the Rights of Older Persons - Francis Jones Regular document (Reg.)

Francis Jones, Statistics and Social Development Unit, ECLAC subregional headquarters for the Caribbean

Welcome Statement - Justina Charles Regular document (Reg.)

Justina Charles, Ag. Minister for Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs, Dominica

Welcome Statement - Diane Quarless Regular document (Reg.)

Diane Quarless, Director, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) Subregional headquarters for the Caribbean

Welcome Statement - Zetma Toussaint Regular document (Reg.)

Zetma Toussaint, President of the Dominica Council On Ageing (DCOA)

Provisional Programme - Conference on Ageing Regular document (Reg.)
Provisional Agenda for Caribbean Conference on Ageing.
Logistics note for participants Information document (Inf.)

The Caribbean Conference on Ageing, Elder Abuse and the Rights of Older Persons will be held at the Fort Young Hotel, Roseau, Dominica, tel: (767) 448-5000.


The meeting will take place in the Vault conference room of the Fort Young Hotel on Monday 30 November 2015 and Tuesday 1 December 2015 from 0900 hours to 1700 hours on both days. 

Concept Note for the Caribbean Conference on Ageing Regular document (Reg.)

Concept note for Caribbean Conference on Ageing, Elder Abuse and the Rights of Older Persons.