In “UN Strengthening and Reform” (Decision No. 2011/9), the Secretary-General directed the United Nations to move toward a “paperless” office environment by 2015:

“Opportunities for leveraging new technologies and business processes that can improve and streamline our performance will be pursued as a matter of priority. In that connection, the Organization will continually increase IT based processes and work-flows as well as move to a “paperless” office environment by 2015.”

“The concept of a paperless office will be expanded to paperless meetings, including those of ECOSOC, the General Assembly and the Security Council.”

What is Unite Events?

Unite Events takes the concept of PaperSmart meetings one step further by providing a customizable, web-based paperless solution for United Nations calendar meetings and conferences. It is built on a open platform that enables UN entities to create websites for conferences, meetings, workshops, and other events with only one-click. Unite Events allows paperless access to event documents, programmes, maps, multimedia, news and other outcomes. Event materials are accessible using web browsers and mobile apps. Furthermore, event planners can fully customize the look and feel of event websites and integrate them into the website of their respective organization without any programming.

Benefits of Paperless Meetings

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the organization by using print-on-demand services in meeting rooms, for printing documents only upon request
  • Presenting information about United Nations meetings in a variety of digital formats and facilitating consultations and sharing of information without physically presence in the meeting room
  • Making meeting content and information accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Providing an integrated knowledge management solution for delegations, the Secretariat, and other participants of United Nations meetings and events

Unite Events Paperless Meetings

  • Rio+20 - United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Jun 2012 (over 40,000 participants)
  • 67th General Assembly, General Debate, Sep 2012 (over 2,000 participants)
  • Doha 2012 UN Climate Change Conference, Nov 2012 (over 20,000 participants)
  • UNICEF Executive Board, Second Regular Session, Sep 2012 (500 participants)
  • Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Fifth Session, Sep 2012 (300 participants)
  • 67th General Assembly, Sixth Committee, Oct 2012 (300 participants)
  • UN Women Executive Board, Second Regular Session 2012, Nov 2012 (300 participants)
  • UN Board of Auditors, 28th Meeting of the Technical Group, Dec 2012 (100 participants)