The Knowledge Graphs for Social Good (KG4SG) project aims at:

  • increasing the availability of linked data for social good;
  • stimulating the use of knowledge graphs for social good;
  • forging collaboration among knowledge graphs-related projects in the social good community; and
  • supporting KG4SG projects for social good with access to tools and expertise.

KG4SG is a catalyst, a connector and facilitator.

After an initial workshop at the Knowledge Graphs Conference in May 2020, we will be reaching out in the coming months with themed workshops on Health, Education, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Cities.

We intend publish a catalog of ongoing initiatives in various areas by the end of 2020.

KG4SG Board Members:

  1. Lambert Hogenhout (Chair)
  2. Vivek Khetan
  3. Tara Raafat
  4. TBA

Reach out to the KG4SG team with any questions or to let us know about your projects: