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23 November 2021 — Diana Klien, Head of Data and Analytics, Technology Division, World Food Programme, discusses the humanitarian organization's ambitious journey in digital transformation and details how it harnessed data integration to push back against world hunger and COVID-19.

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The TechLearnTalks aim to demystify a range of new technologies. This Talk focuses on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), an emerging technology that uses bots to do repetitive tasks and allows people to use their time more productively. 

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30 November 2021

GIS Day is observed on 17 November to commemorate spatial and geographic technologies and to promote awareness of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Geographic Information sciences.

28 October 2021

Youth development is a cross-cutting theme in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. With the launch of Youth2030 in 2018, the United Nations strategy on youth, the United Nations has explicitly highlighted the need for expanded global, regional and country-level action to address the needs, build the agency, and advance the rights of youth across the world, ensuring we leave no one behind. 

01 September 2021

By definition, open source development is collaborative, inclusive and revolutionary—and open software has become ubiquitous. Whenever we are online, we are benefiting from open software. It powers the cloud, and is in supercomputers, blockchain, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.