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In line with the recommendations of the Secretary-General's Panel on Digital Cooperation, OICT has launched this Data Blog to foster an exchange of ideas on how we can create a more coordinated and effective data ecosystem at the UN Secretariat. Here, data experts and data champions from across the Organization and beyond will share their experiences and perspectives on key topics, including: data strategy, data skills and literacy, data policy, data governance, open data, data privacy, data ethics, AI, and more.

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Implementing Data as a Service for the UN Secretariat

By Greg Ogolla, Data Visualization and Reporting Lead, OICT

23 January 2020

The Office of Information and Communications Technology’s Policy, Strategy and Governance Division (PSGD) is responsible for developing Secretariat-wide policy, strategy and governance standards for information and communications technology (ICT). This includes the design, implementation and continuous adjustment of mechanisms to ensure that ICT solutions are aligned with the needs, priorities and standards of the United Nations...

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How to Build Data Literacy at the UN: Lessons from OCHA

By Katelyn Rogers and Lisa Peterson, Data Literacy Co-Lead – Centre for Humanitarian Data, OCHA

23 December 2019

There has been a rapid and significant shift in the role data plays in all of our work, with virtually every aspect shaped by data. Everyone in the United Nations community is working with and using data in some capacity.

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Blog Post: Highlights from the OICT Data Symposium

By Mahsa Hedayati, Information Systems Officer, OICT

17 December 2019

With data growing exponentially, the Office of Information and Communications Technology hosted a symposium at United Nations Headquarters on 8 October titled “The Future of Data at the UN”. The event, held in UNHQ’s ECOSOC Chamber, was heavily attended, indicating that staff are becoming increasingly interested in the topic of data and in playing an active role in this space.

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Blog Post: The Future of Data at the UN

By Atefeh Riazi, Assistant Secretary-General, Chief Information Technology Officer. OICT

8 October 2019

There is a general perception across organizations, including at the United Nations, that the topic of data should be managed and led by “IT” or “technical” people. In the UN, data is usually associated with the Office of Information and Communications Technology and Information Management teams located in various departments. As the UN’s Chief Information Technology Officer, I believe that perception must change.

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